Senior Royal Navy officer speaks about her experience of gender prejudice in service

A senior female Royal Navy officer has told a conference she has experienced bullying and prejudice over her gender during her service.

Speaking at an event run by the Commando Forces Servicewomen's Network in Plymouth, Rear Admiral Jude Terry said her experience of the service has been largely a good one.

The network has been going for little more than two years. Its aim is to nurture a better working environment for women within the UK's Commando Forces.

Addressing the conference, Admiral Terry said: "When I became a captain, I was bullied by a senior military officer, and I had never been bullied in my 24 years.

"At that point, I then reflected back on what other things had happened previously."

Admiral Terry also referenced the recent Royal Navy and Royal Marines Sexual Harassment survey published in March 2022.

Leading Hand Kayley Turner, Leading Writer Fleet Hydrographic and Meteorological unit, told Forces News where she would like changes to be made: "Just small things like putting some curtains up [in female toilets].

"I was in a building that only had one sanitary bin in the whole of the building and that was at the bottom floor.

"They were all unisex toilets as well, so if you needed to go in there but somebody was already in there, you had nowhere else to go, you had to wait, you had no choice.

"So changing those contracts and just looking forward at that would be a huge help to people."