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Want interesting Armed Forces stories straight to your mobile phone every day?

Do you use WhatsApp?

If you are furiously nodding your head we have some pretty exciting news for you. Take a seat...

If you send 'Join' to our WhatsApp group, we will send a daily broadcast containing quirky, entertaining and breaking news from around the forces world, just for you.

And everyone else...

💬 Forces Network is now on WhatsApp 💬

You can now get great stories (even if we do say so ourselves 🤭) from the Forces world, straight to your phone📲. On WhatsApp: 👉add “Forces.Net”, +44 7548 131077 as a contact 👉send "Join" That’s it! Easy peasy, really. 😎

Posted by BFBS Radio on Tuesday, 5 June 2018


To get great stories (even if we do say so ourselves) from the Forces world, straight to your phone simply do this...

On WhatsApp:

👉 add “Forces.Net”, +44 7548 131077 as a contact 

👉 send Join

That's it, easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

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