FiMT Grant

A new project comparing the mental health of armed forces veterans and civilians is being launched, to evaluate whether the treatment needs of veterans are being met.

The Forces In Mind Trust has awarded a grant of £157,384 to Kings College London to carry out the work, in partnership with the University of Liverpool.

Currently there is no data showing whether generic treatments offered to both veterans and the wider population, are as effective for veterans.

The study will attempt to address the evidence gap by:

  • Comparing data on mental health of the general population with data on the mental health of veterans
  • Comparing outcomes of current treatment between general population and veterans

"This study will provide the first representative data on the mental health needs of recent ex-serving personnel in the UK compared to the general population, and a better understanding of the nature of these needs in relation to both severity and comorbidity with other mental health problems,” said Dr Laura Goodwin, who is one of two lead investigators on the 18-month project, along with Dr Deirdre MacManus.

Dr MacManus added: "The findings will make an important contribution to the evidence base for the psychological treatment of mental disorder among veterans and guide mental health service development for veterans.”

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