Forces Media Academy SSVC

Service leavers and veterans have embarked on a free one-year Higher National Certificate (HNC) Media Production Course, provided by the newly created Forces Media Academy.

Through this course, the Forces Media Academy, which is part of the Services Sound & Vision Corporation (SSVC), aims to provide 15 ex-service personnel with the training, experience and qualifications they need to forge successful careers in videography, digital, TV or radio.

The Forces Media Academy is supported by its principal charity partner, The Royal British Legion, which provides each student with a bursary of £18,000 to help with living costs. Apply for September 2018 online today >

Their story so far…

In the first three weeks at the Forces Media Academy, we have been studying Practical Skills for Moving Image Production with David Kline, and Camera and Lighting Techniques for Moving Image Production with Jonathon Marks. These modules have included the basic operation of cameras and audio recording equipment and then went straight into producing short pieces of film. The first being a Health and Safety video at the SSVC location at Chalfont Grove and then a video showing scenes from the local area. 

These were followed by a short audio-only piece entitled The Chase. In these early stages of the course, the students already have some video editing skills learnt in the Development and Techniques of Film and Video Editing module. These enable us to edit the videos and audio pieces to make a story.  It was immediately obvious that it takes longer to edit a radio story than a video one and the high-quality audio recording equipment is quite tricky to use.

With Jonathan Marks we have been learning more about the operating the types of camera used on the course which include Sony X-160 and X-320 plus Canon 6D DSLR. We’ve looked at the history of television and film formats and other equipment such as tripods.  We’ve now started to look at camera positioning during filming for drama or documentary production and the importance of continuity to ensure sequences make sense. We also looked at different shot sizes ie close up and wide angles.

It feels like we have already covered a huge amount so imagine how much we will know by the end of nine months.

By Richard White

Richard White Forces Media Academy SSVC

Audio: the first few weeks of lessons were delivered with experienced teachers. In editing class we had lessons on Premiere Pro CC on how to create projects. We learned more about video and audio wave format.

The audio format is the most important part of any video as it brings life to images. “Audio” refers to everything we hear in a movie — words, sound effects, and music. Audio is used in films to heighten a mood, provide us with information about the location of a scene, advance the plot, and tell us about the characters in the story.

Since I’ve never done any of these before, I’m enjoying this course more because it is different compared to what I do daily in my regiment in Germany.

Thanks to Forces Media Academy 2017 teams.

By Freddie Wright-Jones

Freddie Wright-Jones Forces Media Academy SSVC

Post production: our first three weeks of studying post-production has been extraordinary fantastic. We studied the history of Editing during which we talked about the Kuleshov effect and the Eisenstein theory.

We have also been learning to make a short film using various editing techniques using keyboard shortcuts on Adobe Premiere Pro. We had quizzes on the different types of genre, actual editing techniques we would traditionally find in a genre, and its importance in film-making.

This week we have been practising techniques actually used in cutting such as cross and straight cuts. At the end of each class, we have a short quiz to refresh our minds on the day’s lessons.

By Anthony Bart-Appiah

Anthony Bart-Appiah Forces Media Academy SSVC

Oh and let's not forget the exciting visit from His Royal Highness The Duke Of York to officially open the Forces Media Academy. The students were unbelievably tired by the end of that day...

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