Penny Melville-Brown

A former Royal Navy Commander and Blind Veterans UK beneficiary who lost her vision while in service has launched a cooking channel - Baking Blind.

Penny Melville-Brown from Fareham in Hampshire became the Royal Navy’s first woman barrister, and had a prestigious career with the service, before her sight deteriorated.

Medically discharged in 1999, she has spent the last 18 years helping people with health conditions and impairments to get back to work.

Now she has entered a competition for blind people - the Holman prize - which commemorates James Holman, who became blind while serving in the Royal Navy in the early 19th century.

If Penny wins, she hopes to take Baking Blind around the world: cooking with other people, and showing that life with a disability can still be fun, fabulous and fulfilling.

Forces Welfare Media Team will be doing a full report on Penny from her kitchen soon - complete with talking scales and measuring jugs for the blind.

Here is Penny's prize entry:

You can watch other entries here.

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