Holman Prize winner Penny Melville-Brown

Penny Melville-Brown has won a 25 thousand dollar travel prize to help her spread her message about the joys of baking for the blind. She's been travelling across Britain encouraging fellow blind people to test their skills in the kitchen. The prize money will give her the chance to show what can be achieved to people in Costa Rica, Malawi, Australia, China and the United States.

She'll be taking video along the way to keep up her blog which has been breaking down public preconceptions about the abilities of the blind. 'Baking Blind' also a how-to guide for would-be cooks whether they're sighted or not. Her targets include chefs, teachers and community leaders as well as other blind people.


Penny Melville-Brown the 'Baking Blind' blogger
Penny Melville-Brown the 'Baking Blind' blogger

Penny was Commander Melville-Brown RN, the Navy's first female barrister, until she went blind and was medically discharged in 1999. She's spent her time since then helping others with health problems to get back to work. 

The Holman Prize is particuarly apt for her. It's named after James Holman who served with the Royal Navy in the 19th Century, and became the first blind man to circumnavigate the globe.