Next Generation Of Military Vehicles 230119 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
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WATCH: Next Generation Of Military Vehicles Showcased At London Exhibition

The conference attracts military figures from around the world.

Next Generation Of Military Vehicles 230119 CREDIT BFBS.jpg

Military figures from across the globe have gathered at Twickenham Stadium in London to inspect the latest armoured vehicle technology.

The International Armoured Vehicles conference, now in its 17th year, describes itself as the “world’s premier armoured vehicles forum”.


It is a showcase of a multi-million-pound high tech business and General (Retired) Sir Adrian Bradshaw, the Conference’s Chairman, says people are still surprised by just how much modern technology can achieve:

“Last year there was a big push on rubber tract technology,” Sir Adrian told Forces News.

“I think quite a few of us who’d been in armour for years and years were very surprised at just what is deliverable with modern technology. It’s the same in many areas, so practitioners have a chance to see what’s on the shelf, what’s coming through in the next few years.

“It helps us to define our requirements better.”

Next Generation Of Military Vehicles Are Showcased At London Exhibition Soldiers look at Kit 230119 CREDIT BFBS .jpg
Soldiers have a look at the exhibit.

The gathering is also an important networking event, allowing industry insiders to come together and share their hopes and expectations regarding the kit of the future.

The British Army’s latest generation of vehicles are also being shown off to other nations, meaning other militaries may decide to purchase the same models.