Watch: UK and US forces obliterate ex-warship

The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, alongside their US counterparts, have shown off their impressive firepower by obliterating an ex-US Navy warship during a training exercise. 

HMS Westminster, a Wildcat helicopter and three RAF Typhoon fast jets unleashed what the Royal Navy described as 'fire and fury' on the decommissioned USS Boone using a range of high-powered weaponry.

It was part of Exercise Atlantic Thunder, the first exercise of its type for the Royal Navy in 18 years.

What firepower was used?

Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster fired two Harpoon anti-ship missiles at the same time as a US P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft launched one of its own – 660kg of high explosive striking the ex-USS Boone simultaneously.

The frigate’s Wildcat helicopter quickly followed, punching Martlet air-to-surface missiles into the ship's hull - the first firing of the Fleet Air Arm's new anti-ship weapon against a realistic target at sea.

The Wildcat crew stayed airborne and used the onboard laser-targeting pod to guide in a Typhoon fighter from 41 Squadron RAF to launch Paveway IV precision-guided munitions against the target.

According to the Royal Navy, this was the first time an RAF Typhoon had dropped live ordnance onto a warship used as a maritime target, and the first time a Royal Navy helicopter had guided the Paveway IV on to its bullseye.