Is Kargo UAV solution to resupplying troops and preventing loss of life?

A UAV in development could be the answer to resupplying troops in remote locations without putting extra lives at risk.

And it could be in use by the US Marines in 2024.

American aerospace company Kaman is working on a solution called Kargo, which involves an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

According to the manufacturer Kaman Air Vehicles, the Kargo UAV "is the solution".

The firm calls it "reliable, affordable, and maintainable" and details that it self-deploys beyond 500 nautical miles and carries up to 800lbs of payload.

Notably, on the Kaman website, the company explains that the UAV has built-in autonomy and will be unconstrained by no-go terrain. It will also sense and avoid obstacles en route, and deliver payloads with pinpoint accuracy.

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