Philadelphia Navy Yard Monster PA

Giant 'Sea Monster' Takes Over Former US Navy Shipyard

Inflatable tentacles reach from the windows of a rusty warehouse and into the sky at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Navy Yard Monster PA

The octopus art installation at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia (Picture: PA).

A giant sea monster has taken over a building at Philadelphia's Navy Yard.

The inflatable sculpture entitled 'Sea Monsters HERE' is at a warehouse called Building 611.

It features huge 40-ft purple tentacles bursting out of windows and reaching from the rooftop.

It was created by UK-based artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas who were invited to install the work as part of a project between a collection of local artists and the NavyYard, which is home to 165 companies.

Philadelphia Naval Shipyard was an important naval shipyard for almost two centuries.

Founded in 1801 it was the United States' first federal naval shipyard.

It reached its peak activity during the Second World War when it became for a time the world's largest naval shipyard with 47,000 workers.

Philadelphia Yard saw the build of two of the largest class of US battleships in history - Wisconsin and New Jersey.

From 1980 to its closure in 1995 the yard refitted five 61,000-ton aircraft carriers that had been built during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administration.

The yard is now booming, producing state-of-the-art commercial tankers and is still used by the US Navy for storing decommissioned vessels.