Ukraine: Where is Russia's Navy and what is it doing?

A small and limited Ukrainian naval force has raised questions over the absence of Russian vessels on the coastline.

Since the start of the invasion, there's been little sign of Russia’s naval might appearing – as many predicted – on Ukraine's coastline.

Experts have explained to Forces News exactly how Ukraine has caused such caution from Moscow despite having a comparably tiny naval force since 2014.

Russia has a significant fleet of vessels based in the Black Sea, but so far they've mostly limited their use to firing cruise missiles from near their Crimea base.

Losing the fleet flagship the 'Moskva' in April, they lost much of the air defence capability that would protect ships from Ukrainian defences if they attacked.

Instead, they then attempted to turn Snake Island into a platform to perform a similar function, says Dr Sidharth Kaushal, from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the defence and security think tank, but Ukrainian forces have since regained control.