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Challenger 2: The British tank that's never been destroyed by the enemy

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British Challenger 2 main battle tanks could be heading to Ukraine to help its forces in their defence against Russia's invasion.

It would mean Russia would be fighting an undefeated platform – not once has the Challenger 2 been destroyed at the hands of an enemy.

The tank has a glistening service record in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

Here is what the tank could bring to Ukraine's arsenal.


Chobham (RPG-resistant).

Main Armament             

120mm rifled gun

Secondary Armament   

Boeing 7.62mm Chain gun and additional GPMG (general-purpose machine gun)


V12 26.1 litre diesel engine.

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Max speed

37 miles per hour.


13.5 metres with gun forward.


340 miles (160 off road).


Four (Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader)

It's unclear how many the UK might send if it chooses to do so.

One hundred and forty-eight Challenger 2s are currently being upgraded to 'Challenger 3s' – with the remaining 79 vehicles from the fleet set for retirement.