Ukrainian military engage targets with anti-aircraft cannon mounted on a Soviet truck

Video footage has emerged online showing Ukrainian forces firing an anti-aircraft cannon mounted on the back of a truck and engaging ground targets identified using a drone.

Soldiers were pictured alongside their GAZ-66 nicknamed 'Shishiga', a Soviet 4x4 military truck, with a TDF ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft cannon mounted on the rear.

One of the soldiers is seen firing and then the video switches to drone imagery, which has not been verified, appearing to show the shells exploding on impact.

Ukraine's armed forces is now known for its ability to repurpose whatever they can get their hands on and, in this instance, repurposing an anti-aircraft cannon in the direct fire support role onto ground targets.

Forces News previously reported how Ukrainian forces are weaponising civilian vehicles – like scenes from Mad Max – after its military were pictured firing a rocket launcher mounted on the back of a Mitsubishi L200 off-road truck.

Watch: Improvised weapons of the Ukraine conflict, including rocket launchers on pick-up trucks.

The cannon seen in the video released by the Ukrainian's Regional Administration of Territorial Defense Forces West, can engage aircraft at ranges out to 2,500 metres.

This variant of cannon was designed in the late 1950s and was used in combat against low-flying airborne targets such as helicopters and attacking fighter jets. 

The near one-tonne weapon has two huge barrels which fire 23x152mm ammunition and is typically crewed by a commander and gunner.

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