Ukrainians must take the fight to the Russians, urban warfare expert says

An urban warfare expert has told Forces News the Ukrainians need to use a mix of integrated attack strategies in order to capitalise on Russian weaknesses.

John Spencer says they will have to take the fight to the Russians if they are to win the war.

He spoke to Forces News and was asked for his thoughts on the Russian strategy as they push from Sievierodonetsk west towards Kramatorsk.

Russia's current strategy

"What most people believe is the Russian operational design is to take as much as the Donbas as they can," Mr Spencer said.

"Now, they've taken the biggest cities since Mariupol in Sievierodonetsk but they paid a huge price for it and destroyed 90% of the buildings.

"So it's like they want to rule the rubble."

The urban warfare expert added: "Now, there's a debate going on is whether they'll stop if they take Luhansk or the city across the river. And do they even have the combat power to push all the way to Kramatorsk?

"Kramatorsk is a very key city as a railroad junction. If you remember earlier in the war it's where they struck with missiles and killed a bunch of civilians, adding to their war crimes list.

"It is a very key city. And they would again have to pay a very huge price to take it. The Russians would.

"Some people believe that the Russians might stop at these two cities in Donbas and basically sue for peace and say, we're ready to talk about terms now that we own most of the Donbas."

Mr Spencer said the Ukrainians "need firepower".

"They'll need the new artillery and rockets to cover their forces while they attempt to manoeuvre forward, it won't be good enough for the Ukrainians to just hold what they have.

"But they've been really smart on pulling back when they need to. Reinforcing the line and then when they have the right capabilities, pushing forward in this combined arms manoeuvre, which does require fire and manoeuvring forces, which is a little harder."

Mr Spencer did praise how the Ukrainians have continued to "surprise the world" with what they are able to do with a smaller amount of force.

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