'Ukrainians must take fight to the Russians if they are to win the war'

An urban warfare expert has told Forces News that the Ukrainians need to use a mix of integrated attack strategies in order to capitalise on Russian weaknesses.

John Spencer says the Ukrainians will have to take the fight to the Russians if they are to win the war.

He praised recent Ukrainian advances, Mr Spencer said that "many people have learned what others have known... the Ukrainian military is a well-trained, motivated, well-equipped, adaptable, flexible military that planned, prepared and executed a textbook military advance".

The urban warfare expert highlighted that he thought the Russians would "not be able to match anything similiar" to the "cohesion" shown by the Ukrainians in recent video footage of their advances.

He called upon NATO countries to continue to supply Ukraine's push. Highlighting a need for a continuous flow of western aid for advancements to continue.

"Winter will crush a soldier's will to fight"

"I think NATO countries can provide anything and everything they're able to provide, especially vehicles, artillery, ammunition... all the way down to night-vision goggles, if they have it, send it, if they can build it, build it.

"Get it there now, while the Ukrainians have the momentum, and can push through the winter and achieve their victory, sooner rather than later. A sooner end to this war benefits all NATO countries."

He went on: "Winter will crush a soldier's will to fight if they are not properly supplied."

Mr Spencer added it was "heartening" to see in the latest announcement of supplies that there was cold weather gear.

"Ukraine has the will to fight, they are well equipped, now they need to be winterised... they're not going to stop."

He added: "Russia wants Ukraine to go into a temporary halt, and they won't, they're preparing for that winter fight.

"Russia doesn't have that capability to even prepare for their current fight, let alone when that weather starts to crush their will," he added.