Ukrainian fighter 'superheroes' jump on viral social media trend

Ukraine's defence ministry declared that their fighters' superpower is 'being Ukrainians' in Avengers Assemble video tweet.

Ukraine has paid homage to its military, declaring their superpower is 'being Ukrainian' in a social media video, with fighters performing their best Avengers impressions.

Replicating the 'Avengers Assemble Pool Challenge', the Ukrainian fighters are seen flying out of the water, landing in comic superheroes poses, with guns, knives and other armaments falling into their hands.

The video replicates the trend which originated from a 2019 TikTok, which usually involves several people emerging from a pool and landing on a deck in a pose similar to superhero characters such as Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America or Scarlett Witch.

The video was posted by Ukraine's official Defence of Ukraine Twitter account and comes on the back of earlier videos posted by the Ukrainian military along with the declaration of their superpower.

"What is your superpower? We are Ukrainians!" Ukraine's Ministry of Defence Twitter said.

The videos are among other social releases, taken by many across social media to be a form of trolling Russia in light-hearted moments amid the horrors of the ongoing war.

In April, a Ukrainian army officer trolled Russia by dancing with comrades to Nirvana in a post on social media.

The same officer had earlier posted a video in which he rode a motorbike daringly across a battlefield to the sound of AC/DC's Thunderstruck.