Watch: Ukrainian artillery recruits fire British-donated AS90 guns during UK training

Watch: UK personnel train Ukrainian recruits on AS90 self-propelled artillery guns.

The second cohort of Ukrainian recruits to be trained in the UK on AS90 self-propelled artillery guns are returning home, ready for the expected upcoming spring counteroffensive against Russia. 

The bespoke training, which has covered all aspects of operating and maintaining the AS90 155mm self-propelled gun system, has been under the control of the Royal School of Artillery and run by officers and soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

More than 1,000 British service personnel are involved in the training of Ukrainian forces at Ministry of Defence (MOD) sites across the northwest, southwest and southeast of the UK.

The Ukrainian artillery soldiers who have been trained have a range of backgrounds – from experienced artillery soldiers to ones with little or no military training at all. 

The AS90 is an agile and accurate, modern artillery system that provides armoured protection to its crew while enabling them to strike targets at long ranges.

Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the UK has been the second largest military to donate to Ukraine, committing £2.3bn in military aid to Ukraine in 2022, with a commitment of a further £2.3bn in 2023.

In January, the UK announced that it would provide 14 Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, along with accompanying ammunition and spares, with Ukrainian crews now completing their training and returning home

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