Russian troops' living conditions

Ukraine's MOD compares conditions for Russian troops to Netflix's Squid Game

Russian troops' living conditions

Ukraine's Ministry of Defense have compared Russian troops' living conditions during the conflict to the Netflix TV show Squid Game.

The show sees hundreds of contestants compete in a tournament – risking their lives to play deadly children's games to win a multimillion-pound prize.

It is the latest example of the Ukrainian military using social media to 'troll' Russia as part of propaganda to undermine the invading forces.

In a post on Twitter, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense said: "After Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Netflix left the Russian market, but 'Squid Game' remains."

They also posted a video, which showed hundreds, if not thousands, of Russian troops living in close quarters with 'Squid Game' music dubbed over the footage.

In the Netflix show, contestants live together during the games in basic dorm-room conditions before playing a daily game in which many of them lose their lives.

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During the conflict, Ukraine have used social media to troll their Russian counterparts.

Last month, Ukrainians were seen parading dozens of wrecked Russian tanks and armoured vehicles on the streets of Kyiv.

Crowds of people took to the streets in Kyiv at the weekend where a display of burnt-out Russian military vehicles lined the road with footage posted online on the official page of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Ukraine is arguably the first time a major conflict in modern times has made use of social media to such a significant extent in the portrayal of the war and the propaganda around it.