Ukraine: Why are Russian forces fixated on Bakhmut?

Watch: Russia's fixation on the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut explained.

Russian forces are concentrating their efforts on the seemingly strategically unimportant town of Bakhmut.

But why is this? Defence expert and former British Army officer Glen Grant has spoken to Forces News, in the video above, to explain.

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Grant said: "My suspicion is that Putin has given them a directive and everybody then follows the directive without rhyme or reason or just cause.

"They're just bombarding everything, they're just shelling everything, they're shelling the city and they're shelling the surrounding areas."

He went on: "The doctrine of Russia has always been the doctrine of artillery. You destroy everything first and then you send in the infantry."

Lt Col Grant added that the Ukrainians are attacking with greater precision than Russia using weapons that have been supplied by the West. 

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