Ukraine: What next in the war after liberation of Kherson?

The flag of Ukraine has once again been raised in the southern city of Kherson after Russian forces retreated on 11 November.

The withdrawal marked a significant defeat for Russia, following eight months of Russian occupation.

Despite the major victory for Ukraine, Russia still holds on to large portions of eastern Ukraine.

General Sir Richard Barrons, former commander of Joint Forces Command, spoke to Forces News about what the liberation of Kherson means for the continuation of the war and the impact winter could have.

Watch: Russian withdrawal from Kherson is Moscow's 'biggest setback of the war'.

The retired general said that despite Russia's Kherson retreat, Moscow's forces will "fight harder" for the Donbas region.

As the battlelines are being redrawn, the war - which began after Russia's invasion in late February - is about to enter its first proper winter months.

"There will be some recuperation over the winter," General Sir Richard said. "It will take time to grow new brigades."

Ukraine's climate during the autumnal months is rainy and Gen Sir Richard said "the wet season" means it is more difficult to move tanks across the country.

On the contrary, during the winter months, "once the freeze sets in", Gen Sir Richard said moving troops and armoured vehicles can become easier, raising the possibility of more military action.

New Russian brigades are being formed drawing on mobilised troops from Siberia and while they may be winter-hardened, Gen Sir Richard said they are poorly equipped.

"Some Russian families have had to find the equivalent of $1,000 to equip their sons with uniforms and kit to go to the war in the winter."

Gen Sir Richard said in terms of equipment, Ukrainian troops have the upper hand but warned he does not see the conflict coming to an end any time soon.

“Big wars can take a really, really long time. And that essentially means connecting Ukrainian manpower, people, to Western industry and wallets," he said.

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