Ukraine releases dramatic footage claiming to show forces seizing offshore oil rigs taken by Russia

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has released footage of what it says is an operation in the Black Sea to retake gas and oil platforms taken by Russia.

Ukraine's military intelligence said the footage shows a "unique operation" that involved a clash between Ukrainian special forces on boats and a Russian SU-35 fighter jet which is said to have been damaged and forced to retreat. 

It's said the operation took place near Crimea, with the regaining of the platforms seen as strategically important as it denies Russia the ability to use them "for military purposes".

Watch: Ukraine can continue taking territory back from Russia in counter offensive, former Commander says.

It also saw the capture of "valuable trophies", Ukraine's military intelligence said, including helicopter munitions, such as unguided aerial missiles, and a radar system capable of tracking the movement of ships in the Black Sea.

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