Ukraine calls for more 'game-changer' HIMARS weapons to hit Russia

Ukrainian forces are preparing for a possible counter attack in the south of the country.

Ukraine says it needs more long-range rocket systems as it prepares for a possible counter offensive in the south.

Kyiv's forces have already used American-supplied M142 HIMARS rockets to destroy dozens of Russian targets deep behind the frontline.

The weapons are being touted as game-changers for Ukraine.­­

What is HIMARS?

HIMARS is a light multiple rocket launcher system developed in the 1990s for the US Army.

It is one of the most significant weapons sent by the West to Ukraine since the start of the war.

HIMARS vehicles are manned by a crew of three – a gunner, driver and launcher chief, and can reach speeds of 53mph.

Their GPS-guided rockets, able to hit targets more than 50 miles away, have devastated Russian logistic chains.

This 'deep battle' strategy has helped Ukrainian forces to hinder Russia's progress by disrupting their supplies of fuel and ammunition and destroying their command posts.

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Military author, Martin J Dougherty told Forces News: "It shifts their [Russia's] ability to sustain operations, to launch operations. It may even influence strategic decisions, to give up areas that they can't secure."

The Pentagon says Ukraine has used HIMARS to destroy 100 Russian targets – among them, weapons caches, air defence positions and long-range artillery.

Ukraine is also using M270 Multiple Rocket Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) to hit Russian positions. They use the same launcher pods as HIMARS but can fire 12 rockets rather than six.

The UK and Norway have together donated around a dozen.