UK to send more weapons to Ukraine

The UK has pledged thousands more missiles be sent to Ukraine, as the country continues to fight back against Russia's invasion.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been meeting with fellow NATO leaders today at an emergency summit, which is also expected to sign off on the formation of four new battlegroups in eastern Europe, adding thousands more troops.

The UK will send 6,000 more missiles to Ukraine, including anti-tank and high-explosive weaponry.

Mr Johnson said: "We're moving, really, from a programme of supporting resistance to supporting the Ukrainian defence of their own country."

As well as sending more missiles, the UK is providing £25m from the Foreign Office's conflict security and stabilisation fund to help pay the salaries of Ukrainian soldiers and pilots.

Britain has already sent more than 4,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, including NLAW light anti-armour systems, as well as the Javelin anti-tank missile.

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It is also supplying and training Ukrainian troops in the use of STARStreak high-velocity anti-air missiles as well as providing body armour, helmets and combat boots.

The Ministry of Defence says its latest intelligence suggests Ukraine is increasing pressure on Russian forces to the northeast of Kyiv, as well as carrying out counter attacks against Russian positions on the outskirts of the capital city.

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