UK to give Ukraine extra £16m of aid after destruction of Nova Kakhovka dam

Watch: Ukraine accuses Russian forces of blowing up a major dam.

The UK will provide an extra £16m of humanitarian aid after the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam.

Flooding caused by the dam's collapse has affected 32,000 people.

Ukraine accused Russian forces of blowing up the major dam and hydroelectric power station in a part of southern Ukraine that Russia controls.

The new funding will support organisations that are helping the people affected by the dam's collapse and will provide rapid response equipment, shelter and essential supplies.

It will help the response to the impacts from flooding including waterborne infectious diseases, loss of livelihoods and risks from landmines.

Boats, community water filters, water pumps and waders will be given to the country, and it is expected they will arrive next week.

The money will also go to areas affected by fighting and people who have been displaced.

The British aid consists of £10m for the Red Cross Movement, £5m for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and £1m for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

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The announcement comes as water levels in Kherson continue to rise, with flooding spreading to other towns along the Dnipro river.

Its effects are expected to last for weeks and leave many in need of food, water and basic supplies.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said: "Flooding from the destruction of Kakhovka dam is having an untold impact on over 32,000 people living in Kherson, and thousands more in the surrounding area.

"The UK is leading the way in providing support to those desperately in need. Our funding is playing a vital role in helping Ukrainian services and aid organisations evacuate people and get help to those in need.

"We will continue to stand by Ukraine in dealing with this terrible incident."

The UK has already given Ukraine £1.5bn in economic and humanitarian support since the war began, the Government said.

The money has paid for the delivery of more than 11 million medical items as well as food supplies, ambulances and shelter kits.

The UK is also set to host the Ukraine Recovery Conference later this month, which will bring governments and industry leaders together to develop a concerted multi-sector plan to help Ukraine to recover from Russia’s illegal invasion.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says the destruction of the dam would mark a "new low" in the conflict if Russian forces were found to be responsible.

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