Take a look at the Canadian Senator vehicles being donated to Ukraine

Canada has responded to Ukraine's request for Senator Armoured Personnel Carriers by making a donation of 200.

The Canadian aid package of military assistance, valued at more than $66.66m (C$90m/£53m), was announced by Canadian defence minister Anita Anand.

Senator Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) are security task vehicles that are easily manoeuvrable and adaptable.

According to the Canadian Ministry of National Defence (MND): "The vehicles offer state-of-the-art, best-in-class technology and weapons can easily be mounted on them.

"These vehicles allow for the safe transport of personnel and equipment, and medical evacuations. The vehicles' armour will help shield troops when they are unable to avoid danger."

The Senator APC was created as a multi-purpose armoured carrier.

With its modular design, it is ideal for a wide range of scenarios such as mobile command and control, medical evacuations and border patrol.

It has a small turning radius, which makes it ideal for urban environments.

Other extras include perimeter gun ports, escape hatches, advanced locks, external view and emergency lighting.

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