Satellite images show 40-mile Russian convoy of vehicles closing in on Kyiv

Satellite images show a Russian military convoy far bigger than initially thought – stretching about 40 miles – approaching Ukraine's capital Kyiv.

The images from US satellite imaging company Maxar Technologies also show evidence of fighting outside the city, including destroyed vehicles and a damaged bridge, experts said.

According to Maxar analysts, based on the imagery collected the Russian military convoy stretches from near Antonov airport in the south to the northern end of the convoy near Prybirs'k.

Russian troops have been advancing slowly on the capital city of nearly three million people since the assault on Ukraine began five days ago.

On Monday, a military convoy consisting of hundreds of armoured vehicles, tanks, artillery and support vehicles was no more than 17 miles from the city centre, according to satellite imagery from the Maxar company.

It was earlier believed to be 17 miles long, but additional satellite imagery showed it stretching for 40 miles.

Maxar said the newer images cover a wider area and were less obscured by clouds, with several homes and other buildings seen burning near roads where the convoy is travelling.