Russian offensive in Ukraine not delivering gains promised in Moscow, observers believe

Russia's offensive in Ukraine is not delivering the progress promised in Moscow, many observers believe.

There are fears Russia's invasion will turn to an increase in blunt firepower to achieve what they have seemingly been unable to so far.

Dr James Bosbotinis, a Defence and International Affairs Analyst, told Forces News: "If I was a Russian planner, I would be extremely worried about a combination of the operational picture in Ukraine, the losses being suffered, [and] the lack of progress.

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"Especially coming up for the spring weather which is going to make offroad manoeuvring even more challenging for the Russians, and the wider strategic picture that the Russian economy now faces absolutely devastating western economic sanctions."

He explained that Mariupol has been besieged but has not fallen. In the east, Kharkiv has not fallen and, in the north, "the key advance towards Kyiv has clearly stalled".

The relentless bombardment of Ukrainian cities continues, however.

According to Dr Bosbotinis, "we may see more use of Russian precision weaponry such as the Iskander [missile] against, for example, economic infrastructure in order to try to cause as much damage as possible to Ukraine and to try to compel Ukraine to accept their Russian terms".

Former Commander, Joint Forces Command, General Sir Richard Barrons told Forces News: "The best chance for an end to the war" is for Russia to realise "this is an enormous mistake.

"It is conducted at the expense not just of death and destruction in Ukraine which is inexcusable and delivering nothing of any tangible value to anybody.

He added: "It's at the expense of the Russian economy, its place in the international community, its cultural connections to the rest of the world."

Thumbnail image: Russian MOD.

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