Russian forces' frontline pushed back in places by Ukraine

Ukraine has continued to make progress in advancing the frontline in some places, according to Defence Intelligence, the Government's information analysts.

The Ukrainian armoured forces have reportedly "continued to assault Russia's Southern Grouping of Forces on several axes across the south of the country since Monday".

It comes as defence analyst Nicholas Drummond told Forces News that he expects Ukraine "to be successful reasonably quickly" after the reported considerable gains already made in Kherson.

Mr Drummond highlighted tactical ability and, specifically, their ability to fight in built-up areas has "turned it into a high art form almost".

"We know that America and the UK have helped Ukraine prepare for this eventuality, teaching them modern methods of warfare.

"One of the key tactics we've seen is the ability to fight in built-up areas and Ukrainians have developed that and turned it into a high art form almost, and that enabled them to hold onto Mariupol for an extremely long time."

"Any future war in Europe or Asia for that matter will revolve around fighting for cities, so that is a key capability. 

"Ukraine was very well equipped to do that, very well prepared, mentally, as well as technically, and they had the right attitude, Russia was not, that is why it was so costly to them."

Russia's "haphazard advance"

According to defence analyst Drummond "Russia did not make progress in Ukraine until it started using proper combined armed warfare tactics, by that we mean the combination of artillery, armour and infantry working together with air power to seize an objective."

"This haphazard advance towards Kyiv at the beginning of the war and in various other places, announcing across multiple fronts without proper logistical support was just suicidal, quite literally, and the amount of casualties Russia took is obviously testimony to that."

In a series of tweets, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) said: "Ukrainian armoured forces have continued to assault Russia's Southern Grouping of Forces on several axes across the south of the country since Monday."

"Ukrainian formations have pushed the front line back some distance in places, exploiting relatively thinly held Russian defences."

The MOD intelligence also said that "in line with its doctrine, Russia will likely now attempt to plug the gaps in its line using pre-designated mobile reserve units. These will likely include some of those from the Eastern Grouping of Forces."