PM Rishi Sunak during interview at RAF Coningsby

PM Sunak focused on getting UK aid to Ukraine front line 'as quickly as possible'

PM Rishi Sunak during interview at RAF Coningsby

The Prime Minister has said that he is focused on ensuring the UK’s defensive military equipment reaches the front line of Ukraine as quickly as possible.

In a phone call to Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky both leaders agreed that it was important that international partners accelerated their assistance to Ukraine, to help seize the opportunity to push Russian forces back.

They also spoke about how the UK can support the long-term capability of Ukraine’s armed forces.

As part of the UK's support of Ukraine, it has committed to sending a squadron of Challenger 2 tanks as part of its latest aid package.

Four of the British Army tanks will reportedly be sent to eastern Europe immediately, with eight more to follow shortly afterwards.

Why does Ukraine need Wester tanks in the war against Russia?

Ukrainian tank crews have already arrived in the UK and begun training on how to use and fix the main battle tank.

In a tweet the MOD said they had "been quick to master the controls of the mighty Challenger".

The Prime Minister has visited Ukrainian troops currently in the training programme.

He said he was "inspired by their courage and the stories of their loved ones back home".

He added that they had paid tribute to President Zelensky’s "strong leadership".

As the one-year anniversary approaches of Russia's invasion of Ukraine both leaders agreed on the importance of UN partners continuing to demonstrate their solidarity with Ukraine.

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