In pictures: Ukraine reports hitting Russian positions on Snake Island

These satellite images show a before and after comparison of Snake Island, Ukraine, contrasting 1 June and 17 June, following reported attacks on Russian positions there.

The tiny speck of rock in the Black Sea off Ukraine has become an iconic talisman of Ukrainian defence.

As a radar base, the island gives a clear indication of what is happening in the air over wartorn Ukraine.

Only 42 acres in size, the island has seen a number of Ukrainian military victories and its location makes it vitally important.

Recent fighting has seen Russian forces concentrate efforts on the Donbas, in Ukraine's east, which Moscow claims.

The images emerged as the United States announced it has sent multi-purpose transport helicopters to Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues.

The Pentagon has supplied a number of Mi-17 helicopters previously designated for the Afghan Air Force to Ukraine as part of the US security assistance package to the country.

Some of the helicopters were delivered earlier in the year and are already in use.

Back in April, the US announced another 800-million-dollar aid package to Ukraine, which included 11 helicopters.

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