What's going on with Russia's convoy outside Kyiv?

Questions have surfaced over the progress of a 40-mile-long Russian military convoy approaching the Ukrainian capital, days after original satellite images surfaced.

Maxar Technologies had released evidence of a vehicle column, including tanks and other heavy armour capabilities, snaking toward Kyiv as buildings nearby burned.

Many feared it would spell the end for Ukraine's valiant defence of its sovereign territory. That was Monday.

By Thursday morning, UK defence intelligence suggested the convoy remained "over 30km from the centre of the city" – having been delayed by local resistance, mechanical breakdown and congestion.

A senior US defence official told the PA news agency the advancing forces appeared to be stalled roughly 25km (16 miles) from Kyiv and had made no real progress in the last couple of days.

The convoy, which earlier in the week had seemed poised to launch an assault on the capital, has been plagued with fuel and food shortages and has faced fierce Ukrainian resistance, the official said.

Armoured vehicles, tanks, artillery and support vehicles are all seen in the original satellite images.

Watch: Ukraine invasion – how much progress has Russia made in six days?


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