Watch: UK troops move into Estonia amid Russian attacks on Ukraine

Footage has been released showing UK troops entering Estonia as Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine.

British Army personnel, tanks and military equipment from the 1 Royal Welsh battlegroup can be seen travelling past Liepupe, Latvia, on their way to Estonia.

The so-called 'Welsh Warriors' will join the Royal Tank Regiment, which is leading a NATO battlegroup in the Baltic state.

Watch: How Russia's invasion is playing out. Thumbnail image: Angela Bragato/Alamy Stock Photo.

They began training for their Estonian deployment 18 months ago, most recently in Sennelager, Germany.

Britain doubled the number of battlegroups it leads in the country as the Ukraine crisis escalated.

Speaking ahead of departure for the deployment, before Russia invaded Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Ru Streatfeild, Commander 1 Royal Welsh Battlegroup, told Forces News: "You know they've been training for a long time, and they are ready for this.

"So, although it is a very significant time, and it might be strategically very important, they are ready for it."

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