UK forces bolstering NATO's eastern European presence (Picture: MOD).

Latest UK forces arrive as NATO reinforces its presence in eastern Europe

British warships, fighter jets and ground troops are on fresh deployments in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

UK forces bolstering NATO's eastern European presence (Picture: MOD).

Additional UK forces have started to arrive in eastern Europe, bolstering NATO’s flank as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine.

While the UK insists British and NATO forces will not enter Ukraine itself, it is doubling its presence in Estonia and securing the wider Baltic region - continuing munition deliveries and aid to the country under siege.

Challenger 2 tanks and armoured vehicles of the Royal Welsh battlegroup have arrived in Estonia from Germany, while the Navy’s HMS Trent is in the eastern Mediterranean conducting exercises with RAF aircraft, awaiting the arrival of Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace MP said: "Our armed forces are once again being called upon in the service of our Nation and I salute the bravery and sense of duty shared by all our personnel who have been deployed to support NATO. 

"Alongside our NATO Allies, these deployments constitute a credible deterrent to stop Russian aggression threatening the territorial sovereignty of member states."

NATO earlier this week activated defence plans which will trigger elements of its 40,000-strong Response Force, giving military commanders greater authority to deploy armed forces wherever they choose.

UK forces in Estonia (Picture: MOD).

An additional 1,000 British troops are expected to reach Estonia in total over the coming days, doubling the UK’s presence there.

British troops on Operation Cabrit lead a NATO battlegroup in Estonia as part of the alliance’s enhanced Forward Presence, set up to deter aggression from Russia and other potential aggressors.

RAF Typhoon fighter jets have already completed initial air policing missions over Romania and Poland – supported by Voyager tanker aircraft to refuel.

The Typhoons are being launched from the UK and Cyprus, the latter now hosting an additional four aircraft.

Watch: UK continuing weapons delivery to Ukraine. (Thumbnail image: MYKOLA TYS, SOPA IMAGES/SIPA USA, Alamy).