Military donations not enough for Ukraine victory, former NATO commander says

Half a year into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, how can either side define victory and has the West done enough to help Ukraine get there?

General Philip Breedlove, the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO, says in the next six months members of the military alliance must decide what they "are about" and accelerate defence support.

"In a policy sense, the West has decided not to give Ukraine what it needs to win, rather just to give it what it needs to stay on the battlefield," he said.

Kit worth more than £2bn has been donated or pledged by the UK, with 10 times that headed from the US.

Moscow's envisaged swift advance faltered almost immediately after their offensive was launched in late February, with little progress shown for either side.

Gen Breedlove is unsure "how you call a win" for either side, with a Russian military "embarrassed" by Ukraine and a defending nation reduced, in part, to rubble. 

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