Maintaining Challenger 2s biggest hurdle for Ukrainians, former tank regiment training officer says

Maintaining Challenger 2 tanks will be a huge task for the Ukrainians, and they will also need properly trained mechanics and technicians to "keep the things running", a former tank regiment training officer says. 

Former British Army Royal Tank Regiment training officer Cliff Allum has said it will likely take four to six weeks for the Ukrainian Challenger 2 tank crews to be ready. 

The former tank training officer added: "The art of driving a T72 is very different indeed to driving a Challenger 2, but it is not rocket science."

Mr Allum went on to say that the Ukrainians will likely use soldiers who are "already well versed in tank warfare", so all they will need to do is "learn the technical skills" to operate the machine and "not the tactical skills".

In the video above, he discusses other requirements for getting soldiers operationally effective with the UK-donated Challenger 2 main battle tanks.