The lessons learned by the West on Russia's military capabilities

What has the invasion of Ukraine taught the West about Russia's military capabilities?

Forces News has put that question to retired Major General Rupert Jones, the former Standing Joint Force Commander and Assistant Chief of the General Staff.

The retired Major General believes that with hindsight, we will reflect that we still "overestimated" Russia's capability.

Noting the similarities of the lacking Russian military were present with the previous old Soviet military.

He added: "Man for man they weren't particularly good. And they didn't necessarily have the equipment reliability, the logistics to sustain it."

The former Standing Joint Force Commander highlighted the leadership and moral code of the Russian soldiers which he believes to be "quite clearly lacking at every level".

"The hard facts of it. They failed to meet their objectives and they got a damn good licking from the Ukrainians and the Ukrainians should be exceptionally proud of the manner in which they defended their capital."


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