How is the Ukrainian military holding off Russian advances?

Many thought once the invasion began, the military of Ukraine would be swept away by the might of the Russian force.

Kyiv would fall and Ukraine would quickly submit to the will of Moscow, but that hasn't happened. 

In fact, in some key areas, the Ukrainian military appears, at his stage at least, to be outperforming the Russian military, leaving some to question how Ukraine is doing this? 

They seem to especially outperform Russian forces when it comes to resupplying troops with fuel, ammunition and other supplies.

The improvement looks to have happened because of failures in these very areas when Russian forces annexed Crimea.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Glen Grant, now with Baltic Security Foundation, said: "In 2014, they (the Ukraine military) really were terrible.

"Most of the structures that they had simply did not have sufficient people in the structure to actually do fighting and logistics.

"There has been a development since then and people have understood things and there's been a better organisation of logistics across the whole force and, this time, they actually seem to be getting it right."

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Many onlookers feel the Kremlin has miscalculated, believing that the initial military action would be enough to stun Ukraine into submission and now that has not happened the supply chain issues are shining through.

Armed Forces Minister James Heappey believes that the Ukrainians have taken the Russians by surprise.

He also thinks the Russians have shown "extraordinary hubris" in their plan, especially in thinking the Ukrainian people would be easily overwhelmed and welcome Russia as a liberator.

Image ID 2HT4TA1 A disabled Russian Armored Personel Carrier (APC) on the northern outskirts of Kharkiv, Ukraine 260222 CREDIT COLLIN MAYFIELD, SIPA USA, ALAMY STOCK PHOTO.jpg
A disabled Russian Armored Personel Carrier (APC) on the northern outskirts of Kharkiv, Ukraine (Picture: Collin Mayfield/SIPA USA/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO).

Lt Col (Retd) Grant added: "So they (Russia) are driving across the border into war, stoked up for 24/48 hours, no more, and not being able to drive very far.

"Which is one of the reasons why, if you actually look at down south when they came out of Crimea, they've actually only gone 50km left and right.

"I'm sitting there thinking 'why is this, why is this?', well I know now, they haven't got enough fuel to go any further."

He adds: "They are stopping and asking people in villages, 'please, where can I get fuel', which is bizarre."

The British training, primarily from Operation Orbital, has been praised for helping Ukraine's military improve operationally.

Op Orbital is the UK's military training mission, brought in after the annexation of Crimea to try to modernise the Ukrainian military.


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