Hats off to Ukraine: UK soldiers pack helmets destined for war zone

British soldiers have taken up the unusual challenge of sorting and packing 84,000 surplus helmets bound for the Ukrainian military.

Thirty members of 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment are in the second week of a push to pack up all the helmets before the weekend at Shropshire's Ministry of Defence (MOD) Donnington logistics hub.

Working from morning until night, the Cottesmore-based troops are toiling away in a huge warehouse where the surplus kit has been sent from other military stores around the UK.

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The task includes physically stripping the helmets of any British Army webbing or identifying badges and packing them in crates, each holding 100 pieces of headgear.

Sergeant Oliver Church, a platoon sergeant from the regiment's A Company who is co-ordinating the work, said: "The lads are more than happy to help the cause.

"Hopefully, what we are doing will be going to help our military counterparts in Ukraine, providing them with the vital protection they really need at the moment."

During the operation, soldiers have processed up to 12,000 helmets a day, packing cardboard boxes ready for onward transport to Poland and then to the Ukrainian armed forces.