Watch: Ukrainian troops shoot down Russian cruise missile using German anti-aircraft gun

Watch: Ukrainian forces use Gepard anti-aircraft gun to shoot down a Russian cruise missile.

The Ukrainian Air Force has thanked Germany after sharing footage that appears to show Ukrainian troops using a German-donated weapon to shoot down a Russian cruise missile.

In a post on Twitter, Ukraine's air force thanked "the German people and government for their help" after using the German anti-aircraft self-propelled 'Gepard' gun to take out the missile.

The footage shows Ukrainian personnel shooting at the Russian missile before it falls from the sky in a ball of flames.

Ukraine has previously used the Gepard to shoot down Russia's Shahed-136 drones.

Airpower and military technology expert Justin Bronk, from the London-based defence and security think tank Rusi, told Forces News that the Gepard "is very effective" against the drones as it has "air-bursting" 35mm ammunition.

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