Mozart Group: The counter to Russia's infamous Wagner Group mercenaries

A former US Special Forces commander has set up a military training centre in Ukraine aimed at passing on his, and other veteran's, frontline experience.

The ex-US commander Colonel Andrew Milburn was the first US Marine to lead a Special Operations Task Force during the war against the so-called Islamic State and is now set on training Ukraine's Special Forces in the military skills they lack.

Colonel Milburn's called his organisation the Mozart Group – a counter to Russia's infamous mercenary firm The Wagner Group.

Funded by donations those joining are paid an undisclosed fee for their expertise.

Colonel Milburn says he has already hired several British Army veterans and the scale and type of warfare happening in Ukraine is different to anything even he has seen.

An estimated 5,000 foreign volunteers have reportedly headed for the Ukrainian war zone to join a loosely organised Ukrainian Foreign Legion.

The ex-US commander says many that have lied about their military experience are now paying the price and emphasised the need for an assessment screening.

He says he was drawn to Ukraine by a desire to do something and even with the reported Russian troop withdrawal from Kyiv, he believes it is only a temporary pause as they consolidate forces in the east.

"The Russians are best in the defence. Yes, they've been inept in the offence but they use reams of mines and they've got no shortage of artillery shells.

"The barrages that they can bring down very quickly have to be seen to be believed."

If you or someone you know needs support at this time, you can find more information here.

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