The anti-drone gun giving Ukraine an advantage

Since the war in Ukraine started, the EDM4S (Electronic Drone Mitigation System) has been a key component in targeting Russian drones.

The anti-drone gun is a point-and-shoot electromagnetic pulse weapon that handles like a standard infantry rifle.

By jamming communication signals it forces drones to either fall, return to base or make an emergency landing.

Recent footage released by the Ukrainian MOD seems to show their forces using the EDM4S anti-drone gun to down a Russia-operated DJI Mavicpro drone.

The weapon, created by Lithuanian-based NT Service, was originally designed to protect public venues, critical infrastructure and the privacy of VIPs.

According to media reports, more than 100 EDM4S rifles have been distributed among 35 units of Ukraine's military. 

The device only recently made its debut at the 2019 Security and Counter Terror Expo in London.

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