What are the defence issues facing the new Prime Minister?

The Chair of the Defence Select Committee has told Forces News the UK needs to get back to working with other countries and alliances amid the return of "great power politics".

Tobias Ellwood MP said the Prime Minister faces a number of issues as he takes office, including "ensuring that our Armed Forces capabilities, our defence posture, grows".

However, Mr Ellwood also said Rishi Sunak needs to address UK defence working with other nations amid the return of "great power politics".

"I think after the Cold War, we relaxed too much," he said.

"There was this tilt towards tackling terrorism, as we know, that really… leant us into Afghanistan, but now we have state-on-state aggression coming back.

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"Great power politics has returned and we need to wake up to that."

Mr Ellwood added Britain has "slid back" from working with other nations and alliances – with the move "potentially linked to Brexit".

"When Britain steps forward, potentially more often… when others hesitate," he said.

"We can't do it all alone, but we can lead. It's that thought leadership, it's that statecraft that we can exhibit more of," he said.

"Understanding what's happening in the world and providing solutions that we can use to actually retain that peace, prevent conflicts from spreading."