Inside the UK training that has prepared 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers for the frontline

Watch: Forces News films with the UK military teams training future Ukrainian soldiers.

The UK has now reached its pledged target of training 10,000 Ukrainian troops in just six months, with 20,000 more to be trained this year.

Future Ukrainian soldiers have been taught the skills they need to defend their homeland from Russia, in Britain.

The troops have been learning the skills needed to help save their country, including techniques for entering buildings, moving through trees, and handling rough terrain.

There is a complete spectrum of experience among the Ukrainians being trained – from those who have served previously in the Ukrainian armed forces to people who have literally no military experience.

Corporal Carter, from the UK's training team, told Forces News: "When they turn up, they don't know anything, really, to do with the army.

"They haven't had any training or any experience prior – a lot of mine were taxi drivers and delivery drivers – to where they are now, where they're pretty much fully-fledged infantry soldiers, they've picked it up really, really quickly."

The drills that have been taking place in, and led by, the UK are supported by nine other countries.

Watch the video above to see the training which is turning Ukrainians from civilians to soldiers in a matter of weeks.

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