Plane arrives from China at RAF Brize Norton

Coronavirus: Evacuated Britons 'In Good Spirits' As UK Attempts To Fast-Track Vaccine

Nearly 100 British and non-UK nationals are in quarantine after a second flight arrived at RAF Brize Norton from Wuhan.

Plane arrives from China at RAF Brize Norton

A group of British nationals currently in quarantine for coronavirus are in good spirits, according to one evacuee.

Another plane landed at RAF Brize Norton yesterday, repatriating seven British nationals from the city at the centre of China's coronavirus outbreak.

The latest group of 11, also consisting of four family members, arrived from Wuhan and were taken to Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral - joining 83 Britons and 27 non-UK nationals spending two weeks in quarantine at the facility.

Kharn Lambert, a PE teacher who had been living in Wuhan for the last five years, is one of the 94 Britons in isolation.

He told Sky News: "It’s quite weird being home but not being home, and also being locked in – almost like being back in Wuhan really – where we can’t get outside certain perimeters and go further."

"Everybody is in good spirits," he said, adding that out of the original group, no-one was showing any coronavirus symptoms or complaining about feeling unwell.

All but one of the deaths caused by the virus has been in China, the toll now hitting 362. 

The first two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UK - one of whom is a student at the University of York.

There has been 17,485 cases confirmed worldwide.

Infectious disease experts will use £20 million of UK Government funding to embark on an ambitious six-month plan to produce a coronavirus vaccine.

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) will receive the money in an attempt to fast-track a vaccine within six to eight months.

Dr Richard Hatchett, CEPI CEO, said such a tight timescale was "unprecedented" and "extremely ambitious".

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This second group of evacuees were secured seats on a French flight by the British Embassy in Beijing, meaning the flight stopped in Marseille before heading to the UK.

Matt Raw, one of those in quarantine after arriving at RAF Brize Norton on Friday, has released a video blog from inside his room.

He told the Guardian: "They’ve actually put a bag here containing various essentials that we might need – underwear and things that people might not have had time to pack."

Food, laundry facilities and access to medical staff and the internet have been made available to the evacuees.

Three military medics who were also on board the flight are spending 14 days in quarantine at a different. undisclosed location.