Guy Martin WW1 Tank

Guy Martin wants to build a full working replica of a World War One tank. It could well prove Guy's most ambitious engineering challenge. He wants to celebrate this groundbreaking British invention - created in Lincoln, just a few miles from his home - and remember those who built and fought in the machine which helped end the war. It's the centenary of the Battle of Cambrai, where tanks first proved their effectiveness.

With help from British engineering giant JCB and the Norfolk Tank Museum, Guy attempts to build his own 30-tonne tank in just five months. He visits battlefields in France, delves into recordings from the archive of men who served in the original tanks, and the women who built them. Guy also takes his tank driving test in the British Army's current lead battle tank, the Challenger 2. Will Guy's tank be ready and able to join Lincoln's Remembrance Day parade?

Follow Guy's progress in the special documentary presentation - Guy Martin's WWW1 Tank -  BFBS Extra, Monday 4th December, . 

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