Tin Star

BFBS Extra, Monday 18th September, 8.50 pm.

Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks star in this tale of corruption of innocence, of murder, of grief and of all consuming revenge - set against the backdrop of a remote and beautiful Canadian mountain town.

Tin Star follows former London police detective Jim Worth (Roth) as he assumes his new role of police chief in the Canadian Rocky Mountains – where he’s hoping to escape his past in the crime-ridden UK capital for a calmer beat of fishing trips over life-threatening situations. This idyllic dream, however, is disturbed by the presence of oil company New Stream Oil, headed by Mrs Bradshaw (Hendricks), who’ve caused an influx of migrant workers to inhabit the small-town life which is seemingly affecting the crime rate and tensions between residents.

After some bleak early twists, Tin Star becomes a spritely revenge thriller with sharp violence to mirror the deadly grizzly bears prowling between the woodlands.