The Grand Tour, BFBS Extra, Saturday 10th February.

The boys are back and Richard's got the ultimate vehicle for that hazardous school run, the Ripsaw. There's nothing like your own tracked vehicle for keeping up with the Jones and letting the neighbours know you've really arrived. Steal my parking space, chop me up at the roundabout - make my day punk... And it's a snip at only 300 Grand. 

So, while Richard's happily churning up down town Dubai with the tracked equivalent of handbrake turns; James May journeys to the Eboladrome test track to try out the Volkswagen Up GTI; and Jeremy Clarkson decides to attempt one of those Ken Block-style car skidding videos using an old Subaru and a suitable swathe of English farmland.

I still want the tank, gimme, gimme...

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