Call the Cleaners

ITV, Tuesday 19th September, 8.30 pm.

Six-part series venturing into the world of extreme cleaners as they tackle the grimiest of jobs.

Extreme cleaners Yvonne and Angela are in London tackling the dirtiest flat they have ever encountered on the job - an elderly lady's home that has fallen into disrepair since the death of her husband. When the girls go to investigate they find a scene of heart-breaking squalor, with damp and mould throughout the flat spread by a leaking pipe that has not been fixed in years. Yvonne and Angela have five days to turn the flat around so the owner can come home.

Meanwhile, Maxine and daughter Jasmine are in South London dealing with a hoarder who has 20 years' worth of possessions cluttering his flat and have just three days to get the place in order. In Somerset, Shaun and his team of extreme cleaners specialise in full house clearances. This time, they are clearing a flat for a landlord - but it is only when they get inside that they see the full scale of the mess.