Totally Christmas

VIDEO: How We Connected Military Families Around The Forces World

Here's another chance to watch Totally Christmas, a festive programme starring you, our wonderful military audience around the forces world.

Here's another chance to watch Totally Christmas, a festive one-hour show on Forces Radio BFBS and BFBS TV that connected our military audience right across the forces world, from Germany to Gibraltar… Cyprus to the Falklands… and everywhere else in-between.

Forces Radio BFBS broadcasters Amy Casey and Warren Moore presented the programme and read out messages to loved ones wherever they were, in a Forces Radio BFBS and BFBS Extra live simulcast, which was also shown on BFBS Sport and Forces TV.

We connected audiences across the world digitally with our live interaction online here.

There were a few surprises too, as Totally Christmas recognised servicemen and women who will be away from their families this festive season.

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Also, we aired pre-recorded messages from those overseas to loved ones back home, celebrity messages from ‘The Millies’, The Forces versus Coronation Street Tug-of-War Challenge and some Forces Unsung Heroes.

The Forces Tug of War Challenge

The British Army took on the cast of Coronation Street in a festive friendly Tug of War on the cobbles of the nation’s favourite soap. Watch Totally Christmas at the top to find out who won and catch interviews with the cast and Army Tug of War team.

Watch a sneak peek below...

Army Tug Of War Team take on the cast of Corrie

The Army Tug of War team takes on the Coronation Street cast and crew in a fun Christmas challenge for ‘Totally Christmas,’ a compilation programme of messages from military families to their loved ones back home and overseas. ? Christmas Eve at 12pm on Forces TV Channel in the UK and Forces Radio BFBS ? #TotallyChristmasBFBS

Posted by BFBS Radio on Friday, 7 December 2018