BFPO Christmas Father Christmas Santa Camp Bastion Afghanistan Credit MOD
Totally Christmas

How The Armed Forces Are Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

From helping the homeless to singing songs to surprise homecomings at Christmas.

BFPO Christmas Father Christmas Santa Camp Bastion Afghanistan Credit MOD

Which branch of the Armed Forces is showing the most Christmas spirit?

Christmas can be a magical time of year and we want to see how each service or location is celebrating Christmas around the forces world.

Which of you has the best Christmas decorations, fancy dress skills and singing voices? Who is putting in the most effort?

Send your pictures and videos to us via Facebook and Twitter or WhatsApp them to us > 07548131077 and we will showcase how you are celebrating.

Here's how people are getting into the festive spirit so far ...

Is there any better present for military children than having their Mummy or Daddy home just in time for Christmas?

Not even a Fingerlings Untamed Dino, one of the most popular Christmas presents this year, will make a kid smile as much as a surprise homecoming would.

See the heartbreakingly adorable videos below for proof...

It all got a bit too much for the boy who noticed his Dad was home first. That first hug must feel magical after so long apart.

Homecoming Surprise For Military Family

? The boys had no idea their dad was going to be there. Best Christmas surprise ever. ? If you have homecoming videos you'd like to share with us, please send us a message.

Posted by BFBS Radio on Saturday, 8 December 2018


Leila and Dolly's Dad wasn't due home for "another 10 sleeps" so when their Mum set them a treasure hunt they didn't have a clue what the treasure they would find was.

As you can see in the clip below, with the final clue solved they headed outside for the best surprise ever.

Leila and Dolly got the best Christmas surprise

? | Leila and Dolly's mum sent them on the most amazing treasure hunt. ? Get in touch if you have a Christmas homecoming surprise you'd like to share with us. Video with thanks to Dee Wright.

Posted by BFBS Radio on Saturday, 15 December 2018


Meanwhile, over at Forces Radio BFBS Blandford, Warrant Officer First Class Matt Griffiths, Second In Command of Deployable Communications Module Delta (DCM D), turned up to the studio guitar in hand to perform the Jona Lewie Christmas classic Stop The Cavalry with his enthusiastic backing singers.

DCM D (628 Signal Troop), who visited the studio earlier this month, is part of an unusual international formation, the 1st NATO Signal Battalion that joins any major NATO commitment and which is prepared to deploy at high readiness.

Merry Christmas from DCM Delta at Blandford Camp!

Here's WO1 Matt Griffiths, 2IC of DCM Delta with his hand picked choir, knocking out a cracking Christmas tune!

Posted by BFBS Blandford on Thursday, 6 December 2018


Elsewhere, the families of Royal Air Force personnel serving overseas were invited to a very special event hosted by their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the beginning of December.

Children were the focus at Kensington Palace as they enjoyed a Christmas party complete with festive activities like decorating stockings or snow globes and making crackers. Guests were also invited by Prince William and Kate to join them for party games.

The Royal couple encouraged the families who attended to bring to the party parcels and cards to their loved ones which they delivered in person to the squadrons in Cyprus the next day.

More from Forces Network: Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Throw Party For Military Families

Christmas is traditionally a time for spending time with family, eating too much and exchanging gifts.

However, not everyone has a home or family and thousands of men and women are homeless this Christmas. For example, the number of people sleeping on the streets in England alone rose to 4,751 people in 2017 from 4,134 people in 2016.

A group of Fusiliers has decided to do their bit for a homeless man in Newcastle by paying £2 each to wear Christmas jumpers and gift him the money they raised.

Former soldier Karl Boyd arranges for veteran and serving Fusiliers to meet in Newcastle and pay the money to wear a jumper and £5 if they do not. However, those taking part normally pay the £5. This time, there were 60 of them - helping to raise £300.

As they walked between pubs, a soaking wet homeless man approached them with his clothes in a bag. One of the Fusiliers stopped him and he said:

“I just need to try and find somewhere to stay.”

One of the lads looked at Karl and gave him the nod at which point, as seen in the video below, Karl steps forward and hands him the money.

At first, the homeless man looks a bit shocked but as soon as he realised they were serious he starts crying.

The video, which was filmed for the Fusiliers who could not make the event this year, has been viewed more than 68,000 times and shared by 741 people.

Please be aware that the video contains some words that some people might find offensive, and is inappropriate for younger ears.

So we all paid in a pot to wear Xmas jumpers for the fusiliers Xmas meet up , best of 50 of us paid in then on moving from one bar to the next gave the full pot to the first homeless man we met . Think we made his Xmas ❤

Posted by Lee Andrews on Sunday, 16 December 2018


Now we're looking for your best displays of Christmas spirit and if you need inspiration take a look at what these Royal Navy legends did in 2013.

The crew took some time away from surveying the Antarctic to celebrate Christmas in freezing style as they knew they would be too busy on the big day to do so.

They enjoyed a traditional roast with all the trimmings on the ice floes before playing a game of football as the sun set behind them.

Can you do better? Send pictures to us on Facebook and Twitter or WhatsApp them to us > 07548131077

HMS Protector Official Christmas Photo 02.12.13 Christmas Dinner Icebergs Credit MOD & LA(Phot) Vicki Benwell
Credit: Royal Navy 2013 | LA(Phot) Vicki Benwell
Members of HMS Protectors Ships Company play football on the ice as the sun sets in Antarctica Credit Defence Imagery Royal Navy LA(Phot) Vicki Benwell
Credit: Royal Navy 2013 | LA(Phot) Vicki Benwell

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